Hedges and ByWays of Life Ministry‘s Fund Raiser Campaign Webpage.
​Some of the most important people in the city of Richmond, Virginia are those who are in need of a second chance and a second hope for a better future. Many of our inner city citizens have found it difficult to disconnect from an overreaching and uncaring community. When one finds oneself a victim of their own environment it leaves them with little hope and with  little will to succeed. Hedges and ByWays of Life Ministry, a newly developed non-profit organization sole mission is to change a community ravaged with defeatism and hopelessness into a community of self reliance and to foster an environment that will bring about a positive difference for everyone in the community. Our goal is to target immediate concerns that have become a major hindrance to family values, youth success and community cohesiveness and provide technical assistance, special services and structural advice.

Will you consider helping us by giving to the needs of those who want a  better and brighter future? Your investment or donation of $25.00 or more weekly , monthly or annually will enable us to plant community houses in many social deficient neighborhoods, involve in various community services, projects and programs that will promote job retention, family value, educational responsibility and community responsiveness. Not only will your investment help those of today but it will certainly help the many more generations to come who would have the opportunity to apply themselves for a better future. Please write or email us concerning more information and/or your donations. It is with great pleasure we thank you, Rev. Alan Chris Parker, Executive Director:

    Hedges and ByWays of Life Ministry
    P.O. Box 70582
    Richmond, Virginia 23255​
​    (804) 762-5885