Richmond Community Action Program

 Address: 1021 Oliver Hill Way
 Richmond, VA 23219
 Phone: (804) 788-0220
 Fax: (804) 644-1920

 Overview: The Richmond Community Action Program (RCAP) seeks to eliminate poverty by      providing opportunities for training, employment, college preparation, and services to the elderly,   youth, and families.
Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers needed for the Another Way Tutorial Program. This innovative program schedules tutoring sessions twice a week which are accompanied by monthly life skills workshops. The program promotes academic achievement and leadership skills, enhances personal development, exposes students to college options and "empowers parents for education." One aspect of the program, Project discovery, will offer local college tours and life skills. Contact( 804) 788-0220
for more information.
Community Alert!


Over the past 20 years TCF and Its supporting organization have servd as a community leaders, and partcipants in a wide range of community activities that have resulted in the following action.
(1) Strategic grants to advance creative solutions.
(2) Northside Initiative for Older Youth
(3) Collaborations among agencies and funders
(4) GiveRicmond and Promise Neighborhoods
(5) The creation of new nonprofit organizations to fill
gaps in local services and programs (6) Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence. For more
information contact TCF in Richmond,

​Rev. Alan Chris Parker:
Hedges and Byways of life Ministry
8904 Mapleview Ave
Richmond, Virginia 23294

Hedges and ByWays Of Life Ministry is now a 501(c) 3
​non-profit charity organization and we thank you all for your patience and consideration:   
Hello men! Our Communities are looking for men with good purpose, great ideas, and good family skills. Can you help? Email me at and say; Yes I Can Help!

Being a dad is one of the most important jobs any man can have. As the father of two young girls and someone who grew up without his dad in the home, President Obama knows firsthand the power of a father’s presence in the lives of his children and what  a child  may feel when a dad leaves or absent.
Join the Presidents’ Fatherhood Initiative.

There are two important tasks that a man with a family must put his greatest importance. The first is, a man with a family must lead his family with compassion, dignity and trust and the second is, a man with a family must be willing and determine to see his family grow with a bright future without his excuses.
Rev. Alan Chris Parker