​​Hedges and ByWays of Life Ministry is an outreach ministry that ministers to the needs of the community to encourage and  empower those who have lost hope, feeling useless and unimportant. This ministry encourages others to crossover the gap of discontentment, self failure and low self esteem and become involved in activities that promote hope and self confidence. 

Our mission is to change a community ravages with defeatism and hopelessness into a community of self reliance and  independence. We also encourage community development that brings  positive  solutions  to negative situations by the strength of Christ.

Our goal is to improve the standard of living of many by promoting motivational tools through religious, social and economic programs and group counseling. Our goal is also to inspire persons to see beyond their immediate condition and to experience an immediate solution to their problems by taking advantage of existing programs and benefits which are presently available to them. Our greatest concerns are towards all people as Jesus taught according to Matthew 5:3-16.

Our first objective is to tailor specific solutions to the needs of each individual within the program with the help of all available sources and resources. This will include providing an informational center which will connect with established social programs, government agencies, churches, church's affiliates and others that will provide temporary help to those who are in desperate need. Hedges and Byways of Life Ministry will also establish a website which will inform the public of the  many services that are offered in the community and throughout the city.

Our second objective is to have each individual involved in this ministry leave feeling secure and confident and better equipped than they were when they came to us.Our goals are to offer life skills, temporary food services as well as temporary housing. Under our Self/Help program which will begin when we establish a base within the city will become more actively  involved within the community, targeting specific area of concerns and striving to address those concerns through prayer , resources, programs and education.

Our third objective is to ensure that each individual received through the programs a greater commitment to positive self growth and self outlook. Our goals are to target those immediate concerns that have become a major hindrance towards, individual self independence,  family value and community cohesiveness. Our solutions in these areas are  to teach life skills, moral principles, self disciplines, respect for others and the properties of others. Our desire is to help all individual  in the program to reach their fullest potential and become aware of the importance of being responsible to themselves, their family, neighborhood, and community.

We believe that this ministry, Hedges and Byways of Life Ministries, will accomplish its goals and objectives by committing ourselves to the lives of people who are in desperate need of a hand up rather than a hand out. We stand by this Motto which states “To give up is not an option even when you feel like quitting,because the blessings of  the Lord are sure."​​
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We are asking all too please help us during our Spring & Summer Community House Fund Raiser Campaign: Your Donations will be appreciated. Thank you.


Provided health care through more than 2.1 million patient visits;

Generated more than $842 million in free medications for more than 200,573 individuals;

Enrolled over 50,000 children in state-sponsored health insurance; and

Provided more than $6.7 million in grants to help establish or expand 42 dental safety net programs and projects.

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Hedges and ByWays of Life is seeking help to begin our Homelessness and Meal Project. We are seeking Volunteers and Help from the community of Home owners who would be willing to open up their Homes temporarily to help those who are temporarily homeless. This program is geared to women and children who have been abandoned because of spouse abuse,' lack of income,loss of jobs or have been forced out of their homes.

Please Join Hands On
A Community Volunteer Service 
www.handsonrva.org ​
The Children's Hunger Relief Fund
ActionAgainstHunger.org ​

Shelter Programs -                                              
www.homelessshelterdirectory.org › Virginia Homeless Shelters

​​Hedges and ByWays of Life Ministry
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Bible Campaign:
                 Hedges and ByWays of Life Ministry           
                             ​​8904 Mapleview Ave
                             Richmond, Va 23294​​ 

​We are asking for support from your church congregation in helping us by donating Bibles to our new, used, and old Bible Campaign, so we can distribute them freely to the many who do not own a bible and do not know
Christ and the Love that he has shown us which are written in the Holy Bible. If you are able to help us in this ministry we will be honored and appreciable in your efforts in donating any used, old or new bibles that you are willing to offer for this cause.
We are thankful for your past support and pray your continuing support of this ministry. May The Lord continue to bless you and your church family in your own ministries as we continue to work together for the Kingdom. Call us at (804) 762-5885 

​Rev. Alan Chris Parker
                      Contact us: (804) 762-5885

​​​​​Shortcut URL: http://bit.ly/rglhomeless

Essential Websites
The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)
Virginia Community Action Partnership (VACAP)
United Way of Greater Richmond-Petersburg
Hands On Projects
Virginia 211 | Shelter Listings
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RVANews: Who Can Help: An Overview of Richmond’s Resources for the Homeless (7 Part Series) August 7, 2009
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Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat. We must find each other. Spoken by,
Mother Theresa

​Freedom House, become a volunteer
1201 Hull St
Richmond, Va. 23224

"Our Vision is to end the cycle of hunger and homelessness for the people we serve" .